Personalized Epigenetic Testing for Businesses

Epigenetic testing for business now allows you to help your customers to live longer, greatly improving customer relationships and profitability.  Just as weight scales motivate and facilitate dieting, epigenetic tests reveal whether customers are “young” or “old” for their age and motivate them to take actions that will help them to live longer.

A simple inexpensive saliva test can now reveal biological age, many diseases and even behaviors such as diet, exercise, smoking and drinking.  Epigenetic testing for businesses make your customers’ current conditions and longevity more transparent, allow you to recommend appropriate interventions, and track their progress over time.

Business epigenetic testing is revolutionizing health care. Companies are gathering robust data about which interventions truly work best for which groups of customers, greatly enhancing overall health and longevity.

What is Epigenetics?

Unlike genetics which is the “code of life” and stays the same (except for minor mutations) throughout a person’s lifetime, epigenetics are the “switches” that turn on, turn off, accentuate or mute parts of the gene to help individuals respond to aging, their environment and behaviors.  As a result, the epigenome changes dramatically and can be used to provide robust estimates of biological age and other important factors. 

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