This Series explores the history and future of Human Life Expectancy (HLE).  It details how technology has more than doubled global HLE since 1900 and is poised to increase it by at least 10 years in the next 20 years.  It also explores potentially vast implications of this for ourselves, our businesses, our societies and our species.

Your host, Tom Nodine, is CEO of Human Life Expectancy Inc., and has first-hand experience in helping top companies to leverage new technologies to help their customers to live longer.  He and his team have interviewed top technologists and worked with actuaries to asses the impacts of new technological and medical advances on future diseases and death rates.

The History of Human Life Expectancy

These videos focus on the extraordinary historical growth of HLE, how human evolution is itself evolving, and bring us up to how we die today.

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Life-Extending Technologies

These videos focus on extraordinary new technologies and medical advances that offer the prospect of extending HLE.  We cover all kinds of IT, new energy, clean water, food and transportation technologies.  We also cover genetic and cell technologies and others with the largest potential to impact HLE going forward.

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Other Factors That Could Slow Increased HLE

These videos focus on factors that could slow advancement in HLE such as potential new ways to perish going forward, resistance to new life-extending technologies, and ethical and legal restrictions.  These videos also bring it all together and show you how we got to our current prediction that HLE could advance by at least 10 years in the next 20 years.

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Implications of Living Longer

These videos focus on the potential implications of living longer.  If our prediction that HLE could increase by 10 or more years in the next 20 years is anywhere close to right, we’ve got a lot to do to prepare.  This group of videos covers personal impacts, economic impacts, societal impacts and even who we are becoming as a species.  It also covers specific things you can do to help yourself and others prepare for massive changes to come.

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